Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 285 Signs of Fall

  Have you ever noticed the thing at the end of the stem,
 called a sepal I think, looks like a starfish ?

Add on a PRAISE Report
9:08 a.m.
We've had 3 inches of rain since Friday ! 1.5 Friday night and 1.4 last night....but I'm calling it 3 !
The first bit of rain since the first part of August and it had been a long time before that !
Winter oats....come on up !!!


  1. it does too!! just like a starfish.

  2. It does! No, I'd never noticed, and that looks like a tasty tomato!

  3. Pretty tomato. I have noticed that it looks like a star. But are all of them 5 pointed?

  4. You must be very happy with that little bit of rain!!

  5. I'm glad you are getting rain. I like the point of view in that photo. Nice shot.


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