Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 313

On Saturday, we drove 121 miles south to watch our son-in-law coach his 6-man football team....
They had to drive 223 miles north ! 
They won ! And are in the STATE 6-man playoffs ! 
A little boy sitting in the bleachers behind me asked his grandma..... 
             B:"What are they doing?" 
       G; "They are praying."
B: "About what ?"
G:"They are thanking God for blessing them, that no one got hurt, 
and asking Him to watch over them for a safe trip home.
B: Does  all football guys do that ?
G: I don't think so.

Did you notice, both teams are kneeling together ? 


  1. I had a friend who played what we used to call iron man football in high school. Still had the 13 players but they had to play both offense and defense. 6 man oh wow, and that is such a drive! Great that you could go and watch them play and see your son in law.

  2. Congrats to a great season and good luck at State. That would be a tough game with only 6. My home town combined with a town 40 miles away to make an eight man team. They are in the Kansas playoffs and have had a great season. They take turns for home games and practice together at least 3 times a week. It's so different than when I went to school and we had plenty of players for 11 man. Love that they pray together. Your photo is moving.


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