Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 345

This is a cell phone picture taken on my way to town.
 I love taking pictures of our cattle and I probably have way too many.
This group of heifers are so curious. When me and my dogs walk in the evenings, they follow along behind, so there are usually 65 of us !     


  1. Awe you have your own entourage. :) I only have chickens that follow me.

  2. What a wonderful photo, and a wonderful image in my head of you walking with the ranch patrol and a herd of cows.

  3. Such a wonderful picture, fun to have these animals follow you. And I see Sunshine and blue skies.... we haven't had that here for such a long time, the weather is always gloomy this time of year where I live, grey skies, lots of wind, lots of rain.... sometimes we have the lights on inside the whole day because it is so dark... not my fav time of year, could do with a bit of your sun!


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