Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Memory

I came across this picture of myself the other day. We had been to Texas to visit family and we were working our way back home to South Dakota through New Mexico, Colorado, etc. 
I think I was about 3 here, so it must have been about 1960.
 In this picture we were in Colorado at the North Pole on top of Pikes Peak (I think)
See my elf hat !  
 All I  really remember about that trip was I was too big to carry in Carlsbad Caverns and I was tired and miserable and I fainted climbing Pikes Peak to see Santa at the North Pole.... plus I was afraid of Santa ! Oh YES.... Those really are HAPPY MEMORIES.....I was with my Mama and Daddy, brother and sisters and Grandpa and Grandma, and I was safe.


  1. What a LOVELY picture of little Vickie!!!

  2. Such a precious pictures. You can see the lovely woman you would become in that sweet face.

  3. Such a cute photo and lovely to know even though on the day you were tired but that they are still happy memories.


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